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Parks Service Technician Addresses Appliance Repair versus Replace

He suggests several important factors to consider when deciding to repair or replace a broken appliance


Parks AZ – Jerry Reinhart, owner of Appliance Service Today is often asked for help with the all important question; appliance repair versus replace. The local service technician has noticed how many people will throw out a good appliance when it would be more economical to have it fixed. Sometimes only a minor repair like replacing a fuse or adjusting a setting is all that is needed to get it working again.

There are some cases where it is appropriate to replace a broken appliance. One rule of thumb in deciding between appliance repair versus replace is the fifty percent rule, which states the appliance should be repaired if the cost is less than half the price of a new one. But, this factor alone is not enough to make a wise choice.

The neighborhood appliance repair man lists several other factors to consider such as the age of the appliance. All home appliances have an average useful life value, a number that represents the expected life of the appliance. Most appliances manufactured today are expected to last for over ten years. Of course, age is determined not only by number of years, but frequency of use. One that is used less and very well taken care of will last longer.

It is more economical to repair expensive, high-end appliances than cheaper models. If the unit is less than 10 years old and has functioned well for the most part, then the owner should call an appliance service technician evaluate the problem. Appliance Service Today ( technicians will provide their honest opinion as to weather the unit is worth fixing or should be replaced.

An appliance with a history of malfunction should be replaced. One that is breaking down often may have several faults making it weak as a whole. If for any reason one is unhappy with the appliance; it doesn’t look right in the home or it doesn’t fit right in the space, it’s hard to use or simply inefficient, they may not want to spend the money repairing it.

On the other hand, if they like the appliance, it matches well with surrounding décor, works great and has the best features and has been reliable in the past, then repairing it is a sensible idea. Purchasing a new appliance can be a lot of work when one considers researching new brands, getting one that looks right, disconnecting and disposing of the old one, having the new one installed, getting familiar with operating it and so on. Even though they come in standard sizes, the fit might be awkward and installation costly if a carpenter, plumber or electrician has to help with power, water or gas connections.

Though it can be time consuming there are some advantages to buying a new appliance. Newer models are generally more energy efficient and have upgraded features making them easier to use. New washing machines and dishwashers have water saving capabilities. The latest clothes dryers have moisture sensors that turn it off when laundry is dry. Many new appliances are Energy Star rated.

Customers enjoy both convenience and savings when they have Appliance Service Today repair their appliances. Professional appliance repair eliminates the need to shop for a replacement and find one that matches the other appliances and room décor.

Appliance Service Today technicians are background checked and drug screened on a regular basis to ensure quality workmanship. Customers in Northern Arizona trust Appliance Service Today with all their home appliance service needs. Visit to learn more.

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