Appliance Repair – A Practical Solution

With the economic crisis the country is facing nowadays, even a minor problem with your household appliance poses a financial threat.   Many of us live on a tight budget and replacing major appliances is not a practical solution.  A broken refrigerator or leaky dishwasher doesn’t have to warrant replacement. In many cases it can be affordably serviced by a local appliance repairman.

Finding a reliable service technician is a very practical choice to quickly and affordably restore appliance function.  While some well-off families won’t hesitate to replace their household appliances when they break down, having the problem diagnosed and repaired by an expert is not only cheaper but oftentimes more efficient as well.   

Almost all homeappliances can be repaired; although the cost of each repair varies. The technician's rate typically depends on the extent of the damage, the technician's experience and expertise, and other factors.  Among the appliances that are less costly to repair than to replace are dryers, freezers, refrigerators, washers, stoves, built-in ovens, and air conditioners.  Most technicians also service laundry and kitchen appliances, microwaves, ranges, hoods, and disposals.

For bigger savings, it is wise to find and hire a reliable service technician that specializes in appliance repair.  Look for the following qualities when choosing a home appliance service:

Expertise in appliance repair:  Qualified appliance repairmen have experience servicing virtually any kind of household appliance so they are the right person to contact if you need someone to repair your freezer, microwave, or any other home appliance.

Years of experience:  Service technicians who have been in the business for many years are more experienced.  They have addressed many appliance problems and yours will not be something new to them.

Affiliation with a National Appliance Association:  Appliance repair should be handled by a qualified professional.  While some appliance problems are simple to fix, the task may appear more difficult when you start to disassemble the unit.  So it really pays a lot to get someone from a professional appliance company particularly if the problem is a potentially hazardous electrical wiring.

Reliability:  One way to find out if an appliance repairman is reliable is to ask his previous customers.  So before hiring a repair man, ask him for references and call each of them.  Ask them if they are happy with the service and if they would use him again in the future.

Good track record:  Choose an appliance repairman with a clean record of completing his jobs without complaints.  Check them out with the Better Business Bureau, Service Magic or Angie’s List.   

People are quick to post reviews, both positive and negative, on the internet when they hire a home service provider.  Consumers only deserve honest and dependable service and only the well-qualified and reputable home service provider deserves their business.

Appliance Service Today operates a 3200 square foot customer service center at 564 E. Rt. 66 in Flagstaff, Arizona. They are open Monday thru Friday from 8am to 5pm and they have at least two appliance service technicians available for carry-in repairs.  In addition, they have at least three full-time appliance repair experts on the road to provide urgent service to area residents.